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Discover hard to find information with the help of satellite imagery. No equipment or installation required.

Maximize Yields with HyperGrow™

Receive weekly emails delivered straight to your inbox with everything you need to know about your field water consumption (Etc). HyperGrow will tell you exactly which parts of your field are improving or declining, how much water is needed to replenish your field and more.

Precipitation is reported as well to ensure accurate calculation of the irrigation amount required to replenish plant water consumption.
Field water consumption (ETc)
Uniformity shows how evenly crops are utilizing water across the field.
Cumulative YTD ET (including last year’s YTD) is included, so you can compare where the crops water consumption is to last year.
Cumulative YTD ET (including last year’s YTD) is included, so you can compare where the crop’s water consumption is to last year.
Accumulation Difference statistically compares the cumulative (YTD) ET of every field from the prior year to the current image allowing for immediate identification of areas in the field that got better or worse from year-to-year as the season progresses.

Keep An Eye on Field Conditions with HyperView™

Reduce costs and enjoy a more reliable yield with easy-to-understand alerts delivered directly to your email every 4 – 6 days. Color coded, pixel-by-pixel images are the easiest way to analyze crop vigor and know exactly how crops are doing and what can be done to keep them healthy.

An advanced crop management analytics solution.

Optimize yield year after year with affordable and easy-to-understand insights into your crop's health. In 10 minutes growers can start receiving weekly insights into crop health.

No Equipment Required

Save on equipment and installation costs with satellite imaging that rivals drone imagery, cameras and more expensive alternatives.

Smart Decisions Made Easy

HyperLogic provides essential crop health data in minutes. Emails help growers understand exactly what’s needed to keep crops happy and healthy.

Cancel Anytime

We’re so confident growers will enjoy Agralogics that you can cancel anytime throughout the year. With 30 days notice we’ll stop sending your reports.

*HyperGrow and HyperView are trademarks of and powered by Agralogics

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No credit card required - after 90 days, HyperGrow starts at $1.00/acre/month and HyperView is $0.25/acre/month.