Rivulis T-Tape

Outstanding Agronomic Performance. Since 1977, one of the most trusted names in drip tape worldwide. Using T-Tape drip tape reduces water consumption, increases crop quality and crop yields. 

The best water application by far: Closer dripper spacing gives you uniformity of water distribution as the water has less lateral distance to travel to reach all the entire plants’ root zones. Rivulis T-Tape helps make your choice of emitter spacing an agronomic decision, not one based on your bank account.

The best clogging resistance by far: Extra long filtration area gives greater resistance to clogging and with up to to 211 inlets per dripper that work as micro-filters, it means that in the event that one fails, there are ample to take its place. T-Tape utilizes a unique reverse chevron labyrinth, which creates maximum agitation to minimize clogging, and the knife cut outlet closes on shutoff, to prevent the ingress of particulates.

The best strength by far: Double Seam = Double the strength for hassle free installation and easy mechanical retrieval after use.

The most configurations by far: 4 diameters (16, 22, 29 & 35 mm) for flexibility of run-lengths. 8 thicknesses (4 – 15 mil) to match the required lifespan and terrain. 11 emitter spacings to ensure that the there’s a configuration to suit your uniform crop spacing and soil profile. 16 flow rates to provide the maximum versatility of water application.

Rivulis T Tape

Product Features

  • Greater burst strength protects the tape against pressure spikes and allows the tape to be flushed at higher pressures, increasing effectiveness 
  • High number of inlet filters provides outstanding clogging resistance
  • Double thickness along the seam helps make T-Tape stronger and easier to retrieve in the field
  • There is no additional cost for closer emitter spacing, allowing you to experience the benefits without the extra cost
  • Extensive internal testing and quality control ensure that every roll meets the needs of the grower
  • Over 250 configurations available to meet the needs of virtually every drip tape application

Product Benefits

  • Superior plug resistance maintains uniformity and crop yields
  • No cost increase with closer spacings
  • Superior strength gives growers peace of mind that their investment will pay off year after year


  • Above ground or slightly buried (2” to 3”)
  • Subsurface
  • All soil types including silty soils with low infiltration rates


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