Product Update: Changes on the Horizon - Delivering Solutions to Meet Our Customer’s Needs

Turbo Tape Discontinuation

(Effective Immediately)

As a result of our recent merger, we’re streamlining our product portfolio. We remain committed to offering the best solutions that will suit the needs of our customers and continue to provide support during this transition period. We are excited about the new opportunities ahead and look forward to introducing you to the innovations on the horizon.

Why is the product being discontinued?

Considering our merger, we’ve reviewed our products to enhance customer satisfaction. We found an overlap between Turbo Tape Ultra Low Flow and T-Tape S and have made the decision to discontinue Turbo Tape Ultra Low Flow. T-Tape S offers better features and benefits for ultra-low flow applications, as well as our robust product capacity, to meet the needs of our customers.

When will the product be discontinued?

Effectively immediately Turbo Tape is discontinued.

Can I still purchase the product during the discontinuation period?

You can purchase the product if it is in inventory. Please contact your local Sales Representative or call our Customer Service Team, 559-485-7171. We will gladly help you find a solution to meet your needs.

Will there be any replacement or alternative product offered?

As we discontinue Turbo Tape Ultra Low Flow, we are excited to promote T-Tape S as an alternative and/or replacement that meets and exceeds our customers’ needs.

T- Tape S is a proven, reliable, and effective solution for our customers, offering superior quality and performance. For more information on T-Tape S – Click here


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