Amnon Emitterline

The JAIN Amnon emitterline is an innovative, pressure compensating solution that combines our patented Cascade Labyrinth filtering technology with an anti-siphon and non-leak option. 

Amnon CNL Emitters

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Amnon CNL (Pressure Compensated Non-Leak) is ideal for pulse irrigation and systems that prefer not to drain during irrigation cycles.

CNL Pressure Compensated Check Non-Leak design reduces lateral filing time and facilitates pulse irrigation.

Amnon AS Emitters

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Amnon AS (Pressure Compensated Anti-Siphon) is ideal for on-ground or buried applications. Amnon emitterline is the contractors choice for all emitterline applications.

AS Pressure Compensated Anti-Siphon design prevents suction during system shutdown. Suitable for subsurface drip irrigation. 

Product Features

  • Industry leading 12-year warranty.
  • Pressure-Compensating (PC) for maximum accuracy in variable topography and long laterals.
  • Produced only with the highest quality virgin resin materials.
  • Cascade Labyrinth provides strong self-cleaning turbulence.
  • Hydrodynamic dripper design ensures continuous flushing of sediments and small dirt particles.
  • Industry leading low Cv for maximum uniformity.
  • Side water inlet structure improves clog resistance.
  • High-quality, chemical resistant diaphragm.
  • Dual stripes indicate emitter location on tubing.
  • 3D inlet filter prevents clogging .
  • Large, double-purpose diaphragm 


  • Versatile, all-purpose dripline for greenhouses, vegetables, vineyards and orchards
  • Pulse irrigation
  • Subsurface Drip Irrigation (SDI)
  • Variable Topography


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