Heavy Wall Emitterline

Amnon is a an innovative, pressure compensating dripline utilizing the Cascade Labyrinth and includes special anti-siphon and compensating non-leak models. Amnon CNL (Pressure Compensated Non-Leak) is ideal for pulse irrigation and systems you prefer not to drain during irrigation cycles. Amnon AS (Pressure Compensated Anti-Siphon) is ideal for on-ground or buried applications. Amnon emitterline is the choice for greenhouses, vegetables, vineyards and orchards.

Product Features

• Pressure-Compensating(PC) for maximum accuracy at variable topography and long laterals

• Cascade Labyrinth provides strong self-cleaning turbulence

• Hydrodynamic dripper design ensures continuous flushing of sediments and small dirt particles

• Low Cv for maximum uniformity

• 3D inlet weir structure prevents root intrusion and sand ingestion separation

• Side water inlet structure improves clog resistance

• High-quality diaphragm

• Slight oval shape prevents rolling of tubing which speeds installation

• Dual yellow stripes indicates emitters

• Produced only with the highest quality virgin resin materials


• Versatile, all-purpose dripline for greenhouses, vegetables, vineyards and orchards

• Pulse irrigation

• Subsurface Drip Irrigation (SDI)

• Variable Topography

Special Models

• CNL: Pressure Compensated Check Non-Leak design reduces lateral filling time and facilitates pulse irrigation.

• AS: Pressure Compensated Anti-Siphon design prevents suction at draining stage. Suitable for subsurface drip irrigation.

Product Group Part # Flow Rate
Amnon AS 32500611 0.29
32500616 0.42
32500620 0.53
32500622 0.58
32500638 1.06
Amnon CNL 32500711 0.27
32500716 0.38
32500720 0.5
32500722 0.55
32500738 1