Top Drip PC Emitterline

Innovative, cost effective, heavy duty pressure-compensating (PC) and anti siphon (PC AS) thick-walled dripline models based on the cascade labyrinth

Top Drip Pressure Compensating Emitterline

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Product Features

  • Accurate pressure-compensating dripper
  • Low CV: 3.0%
  • Cascade labyrinth incorporated for maximal clog resistance
  • Protection from root intrusion
  • Unique double self-cleaning mechanism
  • Large water passages for optimal durability at low
    flow rates
  • Multiple channel water inlet for operation under heavy dirt load
  • Close dripper spacing creates a continuous wetted strip


  • Row crops and vegetables
  • For orchards and other multi-seasonal applications
  • Subsurface drip irrigation (SDI)
  • Variable topography
  • Irrigation of long rows with high uniformity


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