Turbulent Flow Integral Emitterline

Jain Traditional Aqualine is a Turbulent flow integral emitterline featuring the NaanDanJain emitter. Select NaanDanJain emitters use the Cascade Labyrinth technology™ to design and manufacture its turbulent flow emitters. The unique structure of the Cascade labyrinth dripper facilitates intensified self cleaning, prevents clogging and vastly improves durability.

Product Features

Wide selection of diameters and flow rates

Unique flow path design offers superior clogging resistance

Multiple inlet filters

Dual opposing outlets prevent clogging and/or back-siphoning

Extremely low flow variations

Integral emitterline offers lower frictional losses and allows longer length of run

Easy to install and easy to retrieve

Lower labor and installation costs

Enhanced water and fertilizer management

Suitable for both above and underground installation

Unlimited spacing options for design flexibility

Custom lengths manufactured as special orders to fit the field dimensions

Cylindrical dripper, with unique Cascade labyrinth technology ensuring long-term flow accuracy and uniformity

Unique self-cleaning operation

Wider flow path facilitates constant flushing of sand and dirt particles

Very high resistance to clogging

Dual inlet filters guarantees high performance

Low coefficient of variation (Cv) <5%

Dual opposing outlets prevent clogging and/or back-siphoning

Precision emitter manufacturing using medium to high density PE materials for long life and high chemical resistance

Permanent bonded inline emitters during extrusion process minimizes joints and offer lower frictional losses

Emitterline hose manufactured from LLDPE, UV-protected, conforming to ASAE S 435 available in 16mm, 18mm and 20mm diameters with multiple flow rates and spacing options to meet grower needs