JAIN Media Filter Systems

JAIN Media Filters protect grower’s investment in the field, preventing contaminants and clogging so that the right amount of nutrients and water reaches your plants. 

As particulate accumulates on the media surface in the tank, head loss across the tank increases. When head loss across the tank reaches a set level the tank automatically back washes. Filtered water from adjacent tanks enter the tank in back wash from the bottom. The underdrain system now directs the flow of filter water evenly up through the media bed. The flow of filtered water lifts the collected particulate from media surface and out through the top of the tank to an appropriate area for reuse. 

The 3 way backwash valve on tank inlets closes off incoming unfiltered water and opens a flow path for the back wash to purge the particulate from the tank. After a setback wash time the valve shuts off the flush water flow path and re-opens the inlet for unfiltered water. 

The backwash controller senses the head loss differential and automatically opens and closes the backwash valve on each tank in sequence until all the tanks are back washed. The backwash sequence can also be triggered at the controller manually or by a pre-set time interval. The controller controls the run time of the tank backwash and the dwell time between tanks during the backwash sequence. The tanks and backwash valves are connected by a 304L stainless steel manifold system. Pressure of the top (inlet) manifold and the low (outlet) manifold is relayed to the controller by hydraulic tubes. Commands to the valves are relayed by electrical wire. A solenoid on each backwash valves receives the electrical signal. The solenoid redirects the system pressure to change the position of the 3 way backwash valve, from filtering to flushing. 

How Filters Work

Pressurized water flows through tanks which contain silica sand or crushed granite (media). The unfiltered water enters the tanks from the top. The tanks provide a larger media surface area. Particles in the unfiltered water, larger than media pore space, collect on the surface of the media. The tank underdrain prevents the media from entering the system.

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JAIN Media Filtration tanks feature precision engineered underdrains and carry a 5 year (100 psi) warranty.

The new JAIN under drain has very high uniformity with no downward jetting. High uniformity decreases back wash time, saves water, energy and decreases maintenance. Downward jetting can compromise tank coating reducing tank life. 

Polyester external and epoxy internal, 6 mil coating deters environmental degradation for long life. 

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JAIN Media Filtration Systems feature Fresno Valve and Casting backwash valves, Alextronix controllers and Parker solenoids.

Backwash Valves

  • Feature Fresno Valve and Casting backwash valves
  • Proven and Reliable
  • Full original Manufacturer’s warranty

Alextronix Filter Master Series Controllers

  • 1 to 32 station flexibility
  • One second timing increments
  • Progressive tank cleaning
  • Digital pressure differential switch

Parker Solenoids Available

  • 24 VAC
  • 12 VDC
  • 12 VDC Latching
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Standard Configuration

JAIN offers 12 standard Media Filtration Systems available in 3 different configurations.

End Feed Configuration

  • Width: 52″
  • Length: # of Tanks x 52″
Screen Shot 2021 05 13 at 4.51.05 PM

Center Feed “T” Configuration

  • Width: 52”
  • Length: # of Tanks x 52 
Screen Shot 2021 05 13 at 4.53.47 PM

H Configuration

  • Width: 124”
  • Length: # of Tanks x 52 
Screen Shot 2021 05 13 at 4.53.07 PM

Sizing A System by Water Quality

  • Start by rating your water quality from 1 to 10, 10 being very clean.
  • On the table to the right locate your water’s rating. Note the Divider number below your rating.
  • Divide the systems flow by the Divider number selected.
  • Round up to the nearest whole number and this is how many tanks are recommended.
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