4E Plastic Spin Clean Filter

Your Natural Choice for Vineyards and Orchards Plastic Spin Clean Filters are unique screen filters that stay clean during operation. They effectively keep debris moving across the screen element towards the basin, where it is collected and can be drained. The 4E Plastic Spin Clean Filter is best suited for applications where the contaminants are heavy particles like sand.

Product Features

• No moving parts

• Unique Spin Clean action keeps the screen clean during operation

• Engineered plastic construction is light in weight and resistant to corrosion and injected chemicals

• Two piece threaded housing with O-ring seal for easy screen access and maintenance

• Pressure ratings of 80 psi available in .” and 1” models, 150 psi rating for .” to 2”

• Strong stainless steel screen elements available in 30, 50, 100, 150 (standard) and 200 mesh

• Vinyl screen collars prevent debris from by-passing filter area

• Suitable for both above and below grade in box installation

• Available with ball valve for flushing debris basin

• Only 5-8 psi pressure loss required across filter to ensure best self cleaning action