Compression Fittings

In 1972, Agricultural Products offered the first Compression Fittings. These fittings were needed because conventional insert fittings were causing existing polyethylene drip tubing to crack and split. Today, compression fittings are a preferred method of connecting PE tubing, because of their full-flow characteristics and ease of installation.

Now, Jain Irrigation’s API™ compression fittings are made with glass-reinforced polypropylene or PVC for durability under the most demanding conditions. Jain Irrigation is the leader in drip irrigation fittings, known for reliability, service, and dedicated attention to customers’ needs.

Product Features

Easy no-tool installation

Full range of color-coded sizes

Chemically resistant

Time and field-tested

Some configurations are available with shut-off and/or pressure check

Full flow — outside diameter of the PE tube “relaxes” against the fitting barb, sealing the connection while allowing unobstructed water flow