Aqua-Flat - Lay Flat Hose

Jain Aqua-Flat is a great alternative to PVC mains, sub-mains and manifolds due to Its longevity and portability. The most innovative manufacturing and quality standards reduce expansion and contraction compared to other products, this reduces leaks due to fittings that come apart or become loose because of temperature changes.

Product Features

  • Very easy to install and remove, only 35% to 53% the weight of competitive vinyl layflat hose. Reduces manpower requirements and heavy lifting.
  • Stays where it’s put: Minimal rotation, elongation or snaking under pressures normally used for tape systems. Layflat fittings remain oriented toward the tape rows. With no movement of hose, tape kinking or pulling is reduced or eliminated.
  • Easy to install on conventional PVC in-line fittings.
  • “T”-bolt clamps recommended for best sealing.
  • Uses JAIN brand KMA and FHC adapters as used on vinyl layflat. No special layflat adapters required.
  • UV protected. Maintains durability and flexibility for multi-year use.
  • Tested by the Center for Irrigation Technology (CIT), California State University Fresno.
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