Micro / Distribution Tubing

Jain Irrigation uses the finest resins materials available to manufacture polyethylene supply tubing. Top quality materials are carefully processed with stringent adherence to quality standards.

Product Features

  • Virtually every size is available in either polyethylene or flexible vinyl on weather resistant cardboard reels
  • All Jain polyethylene tubing is manufactured using Union Carbide materials that offer the exclusive Fingerprint® identification feature and contain a minimum of 2% carbon black for UV protection
  • Strict quality control procedures ensure highest uniformity and product quality
  • Polyethylene and vinyl tubing are available in black (standard) and special colors (upon request)
  • Complete information printed on the tubing indicates manufacturer, model number, dimensions, resin, and date of manufacture. As applicable, the coil length is also included.
  • Hose may be ordered with holes pre punched to ease field installation of emitters
  • Convenient coil sizes and packaging to ease handling and installation
  • The Industries Longest Warranty: 10 Years. (see price list for warranty details)


  • Versatile, all-purpose dripline for greenhouses, vegetables, vineyards and orchards
  • Pulse irrigation
  • Subsurface Drip Irrigation (SDI)
  • Variable Topography


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