Distribution/Micro & Supply Tubing

Jain Irrigation uses the finest resins materials available to manufacture polyethylene supply tubing. Top quality materials are carefully processed with stringent adherence to quality standards. Multiple extrusion lines with a range of capabilities give great flexibility in producing product to meet orders. Distribution and Micro tubing extends emitter outlets to desired locations and fits over barbed outlet ports on fittings of emission devices.

Product Features

• Virtually every size is available in either polyethylene or flexible vinyl on weather resistant cardboard reels

• All Jain polyethylene tubing is manufactured using Union Carbide materials that offer the exclusive Fingerprint® identification feature and contain a minimum of 2% carbon black for UV protection

• Strict quality control procedures ensure highest uniformity and product quality

• Polyethylene and vinyl tubing are available in black (standard) and special colors (upon request)

• Complete information printed on the tubing indicates manufacturer, model number, dimensions, resin, and date of manufacture. As applicable, the coil length is also included.

• Hose may be ordered with holes pre-punched to ease field installation of emitters

• Convenient coil sizes and packaging to ease handling and installation

• The Industries Longest Warranty: 10 Years. (see price list for warranty details)