Jain Oval Hose

A high quality, inexpensive alternative to PVC mains and submains.

Jain Oval Hose is manufactured from virgin LLDPE and the industry’s highest quality standards to provide longevity and prevent environmental degradation. Once pressurized, Jain Oval Hose becomes 98% round,while allowing freight and space savings during storage and transportation.

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Product Features

  • Manufactured from virgin LLDPE using advanced extrusion technology.
  • Once pressurized it becomes 98% round.
  • Suitable for surface as well as subsurface installation.
  • UV stabilized – no environmental degradation.
  • Oval shape reduces freight and storage cost.
  • Complies with ASAE standards.
  • Most sizes are available in both 42 and 21 psi rating.
  • Each batch passes through the following stringent quality tests to ensure efficient and trouble free performance:
    • Dimensional tolerances.
    • Short term & long term hydraulic pressure.
    • Heat reversion.
    • Carbon black content.
    • Environmental stress crack resistance (ESCR)Tensile Strength and Elongation, 98% round.


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