2005 Aquasmart

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Product Features

Retractable pop-up nozzle to minimize insect and debris from entering the sprinkler between irrigation cycles

Color coded nozzles for easy identification of flow rate.

Break away tab on two stage swivel to increase the wetted diameters from young to mature trees

Optional green swivel and spring loaded bridge for inverted installations

Manufactured from the highest quality materials for long term field operations

Superior resistance to clogging due to large water passages

Less soil compaction and reduced runoff due to low application rates

Multiple attachment options: quick thread, female, 3/8″ thread, and 1/2″ thread

Optional stream deflector to protect the plant trunk from wetting

Consists of three components for ease of repair and maintenance


Orchards: almonds, walnuts, pecans, stone-fruit, and citrus

Ideal for greenhouse, nurseries, and open fields

Enhances frost protection and cooling

Technical Data

Flow rates: 9 to 79 gph (29 psi)

Recommended working pressure: 20 to 35 psi

Wetted diameter: 18′ to 39.4′; 6.6′ to 9.8′ with deflector

Required filtration: 120 mesh

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