233 AF 3/4" Impact Sprinkler

metal impact

Product Features

• Full circle impact — 30º trajectory

• 3/4″ Male NPT

• Red cap completely seals drive spring and protects from freezing

• Brass head and lever with cored water passages and double-bridge construction

• Brass disk under thrust spring (in sprinklers with small nozzles only), hammer, split pin, connector tube and connector base for added strength

• Integrated stream-straightening vane for maximum range

• Sand and dust protection sleeve ensures reliable operation and durability

• Stainless steel construction of hammer’s shaft, drive spring, thrust spring and sector lever provide long-wearing durability

• Available in single and dual nozzle models

• Rear nozzle for improved performances

• Color-coded bayonet nozzles for easy service


• All overhead irrigation of crops with solid-set, mechanized or handline systems

• Irrigation under frost conditions in vineyards, orchards and vegetables


Technical Data

• Flow rates: 3.5 to 15.6 GPM

• Working pressure: 40 to 70 PSI

• Wetted diameter: 88 to 131 feet

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