423 AG 1/2" Impact Sprinkler

Product Features

• Full and part circle impact—25º trajectory

• 1/2″ Male NPT

• Brass head and lever with cored water passages and double-bridge construction

•• Brass deflector, deflector disk, diffuser screw, part mechanism disks, connector tube, connector base, nozzle’s nut and diffuser screw nut for added strength

• Stainless steel construction of hammer’s shaft, sector shaft, drive spring, thrust spring, diffuser spring and sector spring provide longwearing durability

• Sand and dust protection sleeve ensures reliable operation and durability

• Hammer ensures all water inside pattern.


• Suitable for field crops like pulses, oil seeds, vegetables, sugarcane, cotton, cereals, tea, coffee and fodder crops

• Specifically designed for use on field edges to keep water inside pattern


Technical Data

• Flow rates: 2.5 to 5.2 GPM

• Working pressure: 30 to 60 PSI

• Wetted diameter: 76 to 92 feet