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Mini Revolver Sprinkler

Low-volume, ball-driven sprinkler. Used at vineyards, banana plantations, and for growing strawberries, lettuce and vegetables. Also used for Irrigation, cooling and frost protection.

Rancho Laguna Farms: Strawberry Growers Prefer Mini-Revolver Sprinklers

Recently the JAIN team had the opportunity to visit a site in Santa Maria, California, where a large grower was planting next season’s strawberry crop. He dealt with the same challenges year after year until finding out about a simple solution to many of his problems. Here are some of the great benefits the JAIN Mini Revolver sprinkler brings to a crop that even a layman like me can appreciate. Learn More.

George and Henry Ito: Strawberry Grower Testimonial

George and Henry Ito are 3rd generation strawberry growers in the Oxnard, CA area—Oxnard is a perfect climate to grow strawberries year round. In the midst of California’s current water shortage these growers are finding ways to stay competitive and grow more strawberries with less water using water-saving-technologies such as drip irrigation and the Mini Revolver sprinkler.

According to Ito, the mini revolver provides the much needed field uniformity and water savings to grow a uniform crop. When it comes to water savings, George estimates that the mini revolver only consumes 55% of the water conventional= sprinklers use. George is also seeing a reduction in electrical and diesel consumption with the reduced pressure requirement of the mini revolver sprinkler.


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