5024 SD 1/2" Impact Sprinkler

5024 SD 1 2 Impact Sprinkler

Product Features

• Full circle impact—12° trajectory

• High uniformity even at low pressure (20 PSI)

• Single nozzle only

• Integrated stream-straightening vane for maximum range

• Plastic head and lever for strength, durability and consistent performance

• High impact, heavy-duty plastic materials provide resistance to corrosion, chemicals and UV radiation

• Color-coded bayonet nozzles for easy service

• Color-coded bearing sleeve:

Red sleeve: Low flow

Black sleeve: High flow


• Orchards, plantations and vineyards


Technical Data

• Flow rates: 1.2 to 4.2 GPM

• Working pressure: 20 to 55 PSI

• Wetted diameter: 46 to 75 feet

Screen Shot 2019 11 01 at 6.45.59 PM
Screen Shot 2019 11 01 at 6.46.37 PM


Just a tiny bit of nozzle wear (a few thousandths of an inch) can cause a big increase in sprinkler output and can seriously decrease the system’s application efficiency. Worn nozzles, like leaks, are one of the most common and underrated problems with irrigation systems and a primary cause of increased electrical demand costs. They also decrease pumping plant efficiency and overload motors, leading to substantially reduced motor life. Depending on your system’s total dynamic head, efficiency and electric costs, EACH worn sprinkler nozzle might be costing you anywhere from $0.25 to $5.00 or more annually.