17 Tweets Explain The Value Of Smart Controllers

Last week’s news of Jain Irrigation’s acquisition of ETwater created a surge of activity on twitter concerning water management and smart controllers. Here are 17 tweets from last week explaining the benefits of smart controllers.


Richard Restuccia explains the need for regular smart controller adjustments and the importance.

A great point made by Scott Thomson: Smart controllers can turn “dumb” if regular adjustments are not made to the watering schedule.

Have you seen a car without a speedometer? Well if your answers no, then smart controllers need to be always paired with a flow monitoring device. Read the tweets below to find the importance of this combination.

A Smart Controller saves time and labor for contractors. It’s like the next “Uber” for contractors.

Andrew Belingheri and Scott Thomson discuss need for more training for contractors.

Jeavonna and ETwater discuss the need to make smart irrigation and drip mandatory for new homes and buildings.

Richard Restuccia explains the need to raise awareness for saving water in landscapes.

Read this blog about the invisible gun pointed at the landscape industry.

Chris Sabbarese speaks about the water issues in Flint, MI. Read more about it here

This new law AB1818 is going to be the first of many laws to come, to save us from the drought and conserve water for our future generations

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