3 Advantages of Irrigation Association Participation

Irrigation Association Membership
Irrigation Association Membership

In this video Jain Irrigation President, Aric Olson outlines three reasons why the Irrigation Association Membership is critical for industry success. This video was recorded during the General Session of the Irrigation Association’s 2014 show. 

It highlights the following concepts about the Irrigation Association Membership:

    • The Irrigation Association is the vehicle for communicating the “right” ways to irrigate crops and landscapes. We have solutions for efficient irrigation and the Irrigation Association is in excellent position to communicate this information.
    • Training, education and certification are critical for efficient irrigation. The IA is delivering some new tools this year that include more web training options.
    • It is time to give back to the industry, the IA needs additional volunteers for:
          1. State government affairs teams
          2. Public affairs campaigns
          3. Have a technical background?
          4. Consider joining the team that reviews changes in standards and codes

The Irrigation Association Show for 2015 is in Long Beach, California. You can learn all about it here. Hope to see you there! If you enjoyed this post and video please consider subscribing to the blog or following Jain on twitter.

Irrigation Association Membership


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