3 Reasons To Be Optimistic This Earth Day

Motivating people to invest in the planet is a hard job. Getting people to pay money to solve problems years in the future is challenging. For most people paying hurts, it means going without something today, and the benefit is for someone else in the future. In addition, the people who benefit from investing in the planet are not around today to encourage investment. Society is focused on the present, and the future exists only in our heads. However, this is changing…slowly, but there is progress. Below are three signs of a shift in momentum toward investing in the planet.

The Return-on-Investment Calculation is not always King – In the old days, I would say my Dad was cheap. He would be described as green and sustainable if he were around today. Most people will make green and sustainable choices if the choice saves them money. The return on investment calculation has been King when selling sustainable products. Use x product today, and the savings from using the product will pay for the product in x amount of months.

Paying more to be green and sustainable, for the most part, has not existed in the past. However, today younger consumers are more actively taking steps toward being more sustainable. Recently the Global Sustainability Study of 2021 shows 1/3 of the population is willing to pay more for sustainable products or services. “Millennials and Gen Z are becoming a force to be reckoned with as they continue to represent a larger share of the consumer demographic. Companies that don’t have sustainability as part of their core value proposition need to act now to protect against future reputational impacts and loss of market share,” said Shikha Jain, author of the study and Partner at Simon-Kucher & Partners. This is excellent news for all of us, our kids, and our grandkids.

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So Many Employment Opportunities – I just searched LinkedIn for jobs with the title, Director of Sustainability in the United States and received over 6,000 results. I don’t believe this job title even existed a few years ago. Now, most U.S. colleges offer a major in sustainability and graduate degrees. These majors did not exist at most colleges 15 years ago. In addition, it answers the popular question, “What kind of job can you get with a sustainability degree?” in various ways. So naturally, it fits many of the Director of Sustainability jobs advertised on LinkedIn and other great jobs like Science Teacher, Production Designer, and Financial Analyst, to name a few. 

Companies are  Recognized For Their Investments In Sustainability – Digi International just announced their 2022 Green Tech Customer Innovation Award Winners. Jain Irrigation won the Smart Agriculture category. You can see all the winners here. The award showcases customer products and initiatives that promote sustainability, carbon reduction, and environmental best practices. The winners have demonstrated forward-thinking leadership and innovation in eco-friendly and environmentally safe applications. The honorees make an enormous difference in the global quest to preserve the planet. Recognition like this is more popular today than ever.

The world is shifting its view, and these are just three examples of how the shift is accelerating. I’m sure you have a few of your own, so please share those in the comments below. Also, if you enjoy these blogs, please consider subscribing or following me on Twitter at H2oTrends. 

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