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4 New Jain Logic Features Make Water Management Better Than Ever

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Jain Logic delivers real-time data from field sensors to any connected internet device giving growers the opportunity to observe water moving through their soil and make better water management decisions. This allows growers to optimize water consumption, reduce costs, improve productivity and the capability to monitor and control farm operations from a mobile device. Recently Jain developed 4 additional features that make water management even easier and we share them here with you.

Charting Rain Events

In response to many customers requests, Jain Logic now charts rain events. Now users can differentiate between a rain event and an irrigation event. You can easily see how far the water from the rain penetrated your soil. This feature is critical to ensure water does not pass through the root zone of your trees or plants. This is more important today than ever since some government agencies are monitoring chemicals in the aquifer and when appropriate issuing fines. Jain Logic saves you money from penalties, and also reduces the amount of diesel used to run your pump and saves you time and labor driving around checking the soil moisture in your fields.

infiltrationchart rain

Charting Frost Events

Today Jain Logic users can quickly see how often frost occurred in their fields for the past 30 days. Frost damage is costly, and you can read about how a customer battled frost using Jain Logic here. Jain Logic provides advanced warning and insight to frost, which alleviates the impact on blossoms providing better yields during times when other growers are impacted and lower total yields provide higher prices for you.

frostevents chart

Event Hours

Event hours is a display of total irrigation event hours. This is a huge time saver, especially for water managers managing multiple sites. Knowing irrigation event hours ensures compliance with Pacific Gas and Electric regulations in California. It also provides the opportunity to run your pump when power rates are the lowest.

eventhours irrigation
eventhours frost

Drawing Tool

Jain Logic’s now has an improved drawing tool making it easier to access data for your fields. It is easy to cut out an area around a house or farm building. It is incredibly flexible and easy to use.

Jain Logic spent over a decade going beyond merely providing data. Jain Logic takes the extra step to analyze data and display it in a format that helps growers better manage resources, reduce labor, and increase crop yield. These four new features will make you a better water manager and make a positive impact on your operation.


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