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5 Vegetables To Grow In Your Garden During Winter

5 veg

Vegetables in the winter can boost your immune system, help keep your body active and give you the edge you need to ward off infection. Especially in the winter looking at food as medicine is becoming more popular. If you are lucky, you might just see a doctor patrolling the isles of your local Ralph’s grocery store helping consumers learn about food. Looking at food as energy or medicine will take a significant cultural shift, but considering with food, you are taking your medication to ward off the problem not just treating the symptom is making sense. Growing your own vegetables helps to keep you active, cuts down on your grocery budget and helps make health a priority. Below is a list of my favorite vegetables to grow in the garden during winter. Your results may vary depending on what region you live.


Kevin Stewart wrote an excellent article about growing onions you can read here. According to Live Science, onions are one of the most significant sources of antioxidants in the human diet. These antioxidants give onions their sweet flavor and reduce the need to add salt or sugar to your food.

Onions o
Winter Lettuce 1

Winter Lettuce

Leafy greens help you feel satisfied longer because the fiber stays in your stomach longer. If you are feeling full, with a satisfied feeling you will be less likely to reach for that cookie or dessert.


Spinach has been shown to reduce oxidative stress. Oxidative stress is what makes many people look older. In addition to fighting aging, spinach has been shown to reduce the risk of cancer and diabetes.

Spinach 1
Cauliflower 2


It is incredible to see all the different ways we are learning to prepare cauliflower. We eat it raw, we roast it sometimes we even use it as a crust for pizza. This is one of the most popular vegetables now, and it also has excellent health benefits


Medical News Today tells us carrots help prevent vision loss, contain antioxidants which may protect against cancer and are rich in vitamins, minerals, and fiber.


Here is a link for Grangetto’s Farm & Garden Supply vegetable planting guide for Southern California and another one here for the USDA Hardiness Zone finder that should help you decide what vegetables will grow best in your area. It is great to see all the health benefits you gain from eating vegetables and it is equally great to learn that when your mother told you to eat all your vegetables she knew what she was talking about!


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