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7 Ways To Beat Heat Stress On Your Plants

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Managing the stress high temperatures cause for your plants makes a big improvement in how your landscape looks. With such unusually high heat all across the nation, we need to take a few extra steps to keep our landscapes healthy. Below is a quick list of things you can do today to make your landscape thrive in the heat. They are water efficient practices that help your landscape stay healthier in the heat:

1. An extra late afternoon watering helps keep plant roots cool.

2. Make shade for your plants. Think re-purposing here. Old window screens, wood lattice, or if your plants are tall just install a sun shade beside them to protect the base from sun.

3. Remove weeds to reduce competition for moisture.

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4. Water early in the morning right before dawn, it reduces losses to wind and evaporation.

5. Test the spray patterns of sprinkler systems; check for clogged lines and mixed nozzle sizes of sprinkler heads, repair leaks.

6. Use drip irrigation and reduce water usage.

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7. Set lawn mower blades higher to increase ground shade and water retention in soil.

You’ve worked too hard to let your landscape fail in the heat. Hot sun can be hard on garden plants and their roots. These tips help If watering and mulching are not doing enough to keep your plants cool enough to continue producing. Also don’t forget late summer also is the time to plant your fall-producing crops, such as spinach, lettuce, broccoli, carrots, beets and radishes. If you enjoyed this post please consider subscribing or follow me on twitter @H2oTrends.


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