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Allen Mark Farms: Maximizing Onion Yields With Turbo Tape

Turbo Tape

Key Stats:

  • Grower: Allen Mark Farms
  • Location: Wilder, ID
  • Farm Size: 1,400 acres
  • Crops: Onions, Beans, Corn, Wheat
  • Onion Acres: 150 Acres

Allen Mark grows between 150-200 acres of onions annually in Wilder just 45 minutes outside of Boise, Idaho. He contributes most of his onion success to using Turbo Tape by Jain Irrigation.

According to Mark “I really like the strength and consistent uniformity of Turbo Tape! The product is durable and retrieves great from my onion fields.” By using 7/8” drip tape from Jain, Mark is able to maintain a consistent 10 psi pressure across his field with run lengths up to 1300 ft. depending on the field topography.

Drip irrigation is widely adopted in the area and used on approximately 75% of the 22,000 acres of onions grown in the Treasure Valley. “A quality drip tape and a good irrigation design are the hallmarks of a successful onion crop. These two factors play a major role in increasing yields and improved storage quality,” notes Brad Holliday – Jain Irrigation, Territory Sales Manager.

Allan Mark Farms large

Allen Mark Farms
Allen Mark – Owner, Alberto Alcantar – Field Supervisor

At the end of a growing season, growers remove the drip tape from the field prior to harvest. It is critical that the tape be removed quickly and efficiently to help keep retrieval cost down and allowing for a timely harvest.

IMG 8443 final medium

“With a robust drip tape I don’t worry about it breaking as we retrieve it from our fields. It really has been an improvement to what we’ve used in the past!” – Allen Mark

To learn more about Jain Irrigation and how its people and products can benefit your operation, please contact us at: 559-485-7171 or email Kevin at


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