Best Time To Water Grass (During Daylight Savings Time)

During daylight savings the common question I get from homeowners and HOA’s is when is the best time to water grass? The clock moving forward one hour this past weekend tells us our water usage outdoors is about to skyrocket for three main reasons. We don’t initially get an additional hour of daylight, just more sunlight during convenient working times, and this motivates people to be out in their gardens more.

Also, the amount of sunlight each day increases by about two minutes per day until the summer solstice and daily temperatures are rising and this makes it harder to find the best time to water grass. These 3 factors mean your landscape is going to use a lot more water. So, please consider using a smart irrigation controller to save water during this substantial water demand time. 

If you don’t, you may be wasting up to 50% of the water you are using outdoors (and the money you’re paying for it) due to inefficient watering methods, evaporation, and lax water management.

Jain Unity: Best Time To Water Grass

Let Jain Unity Help You Find The Best Time To Water Grass Specific To Your Location

Jain Unity continuously monitors your landscape and soil to decide when your irrigation system should water, hence it will find the best time to water grass that is specific to your location. It ensures watering at the time of day evapotranspiration is the lowest.

Meaning more of the water you apply gets to the root zone of your plants. Unity does this by processing over a billion pieces of information hourly concerning how soil moisture responds to rain or irrigation events based on plant factors, soil types, weather, and environmental conditions at your specific location. Below is one of the available soil moisture tools available to you in Jain Unity

The power of Jain Unity is the ability to see what’s going below the surface of your landscape and exactly how many inches of water your plant life needs to stay healthy.

Unity decides when and how much an irrigation system needs to water, allowing for as much available rainfall or precipitation as possible before initiating a watering schedule. It gives the user direct access to view how much water the plants in their landscape require, along with real-time visibility to the efficiency of their irrigation system for eliminating water waste.

So, in addition to looking backward at past trends and evapotranspiration rates, the system also looks forward, pulling predictive forecasts from multiple weather services. This ensures you won’t be filling up your soil with water just before it rains. In many parts of the country, this means substantial water savings and makes it easier to find the best time to water grass during daylight savings time.

In addition to the soil moisture balance profile for each station and predictive analytics, Jain Unity also provides these critical tools to water managers:

  • Extensive weather forecast data. Graphs showing temperature, rain, wind, cloud coverage, and more for your location.
  • Weekly notifications emailed to you showing the amount of ET loss and replenishment by rain and/or running your irrigation system. Quickly view the health of your system without having to log into an app or website.
  • Monthly notifications comparing irrigation use for the past 30 days compared to the same period last year. Another quick way to see if you are using more water or less water and the ET data to help you understand why.
Best Time To Water Grass: Jain Unity

Daylight savings time of year does mean your water use is ramping up. There are a variety of reasons why water use increases. Using the tools available to you in Jain Unity helps you become a better water manager. 

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