Growing 500 Acres Of Onion: Chapin Drip Tape Review

Here is an amazing Chapin Drip Tape review from one of our customers from Flying H Farms. Growers are perpetually brainstorming better and more efficient ways to farm. Reducing the number of times your tractor is in the field saves money and reduces wear and tear on equipment.

Russell Frisby, owner of Flying H Farms gives us a unique glimpse of what it’s like to plant and install 500 acres of onions with drip irrigation in one pass through the field.

Russell has adopted many techniques such as precision planting and drip irrigation to help improve yield and quality while saving precious resources such as water and fertilizer. Russell uses Chapin Drip Tape – an industry leader with over 50 years of proven results!

You can download our Chapin Technical Brochure Here or you can visit the Chapin Drip Tape product page here and if you have any questions please contact us here.

Chapin Drip Tape Review
Chapin Drip Tape Review


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