Does Smart Irrigation Month Make A Difference?

Smart Irrigation Month is an initiative from the Irrigation Association to promote the social, economic, and environmental benefit of efficient irrigation technologies, but what I want to know is does it really work? Does it help reduce water use? To determine the success of this month, let’s take a look at three ways to measure success.

How Much Time Is Spent On Smart Irrigation Month

Looking back on the many ways people have promoted Smart Irrigation Month, I found this video from the Smart Marketing Contest from 2012. The company and people have changed, but the message has stayed the same and more importantly, the message is promoted now more than ever.

Take some time to search #smartirrigationmonth on twitter where you will find hundreds of contributions in just the last few days reaching a couple hundred thousand accounts. A quick search on Instagram shows good results as well, and my LinkedIn feed lights up every day with great posts.

There are even podcasts now about Smart Irrigation Month, and you can find one of my favorites here.

Level Of Learning And Knowledge

For the most part, the majority of information on Smart Irrigation Month is exciting and informative. There are a few, and there will always be a few self-serving promotions, but as a group, the level is better today than ever. We have many experts in the irrigation industry sharing information for water conservation. Reviewing social media feeds daily is a trip to the irrigation library. I expect to see shortly only photos of automatic irrigation above 80% irrigation efficiency.

Your Satisfaction With Smart Irrigation Month

This is difficult to measure but my barometer tells me satisfaction is high. This year more than any other year when asked what we were doing for Smart Irrigation Month, if my response wasn’t imaginative, I was greeted with disappointment.


These are just three data points for the success of Smart Irrigation Month, but I think they are strong indications of the progress. People are spending more time, the amount and quality of education are higher than ever, and people are satisfied with the results. That’s hard to beat in my book. So yes, I think Smart Irrigation Month is working to make a difference in water conservation. 

Thank you to the Irrigation Association for putting this on again, and we look forward to more in the years to come. In the next few weeks check back to see our article on our favorite social media posts from Smart Irrigation Month 2020!


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