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Water and sewer bills in America have risen on average by more than 31% since 2012.  Technology can provide relief from rapidly increasing water bills. Landscape professionals are on the front line of workers responding to this demand. They’re expected to be tech-savvy and deliver superior maintenance service. Customers depend on them to recommend “smart” products that save the most water and money.

Landscapers know all smart irrigation technologies or weather-based irrigation controllers (WBIC) are not alike. JAIN places great value on the success of its landscape contractor partners and is committed to supporting them for delivering on the value of water efficiency and eliminating waste to our mutual customers, leading the shift in America and around the world to smart irrigation. Here’s a short FAQ on the major advantages that landscapers can expect for their businesses in partnering with JAIN.

Why use ETwater by JAIN smart irrigation controllers?

Today you need real-time weather information that evaluates real-time ET and predicted weather. ETwater’s Jain Unity evaluates evapotranspiration and forecasted weather to tap nature for as much free water as possible in its irrigation scheduling calculation. This ensures the correct amount of water will be used for maximizing landscape health and water savings.

How does ETwater save landscape professionals’ time?

It’s possible to install and configure a 48-station ETwater controller in less than 10 minutes. After installation, contractors don’t need to manually enter a baseline watering schedule, simply enter in the landscape details, and connect to the internet for ETwater to automatically calculate a watering schedule scientifically. The need to routinely tweak schedules goes away, too. Also, ETwater controllers continuously monitor valves and will send email alerts for malfunctions detected to maintenance staff.

How does ETwater save on labor?

ETwater reduces travel and on-site time with remote management accessibility to controllers from any computer, smartphone, or mobile device. You can instantly stop/start station watering, apply/remove suspensions and get an updated watering schedule for a site from anywhere, anytime. With the activation of flow monitoring service, we’ll automatically detect leaks and close master valves to prevent flooding.

Is cellular service reliable than WiFi?

Yes, better than WiFi, and ETwater uses multiple network providers to ensure you have the best connection option, avoiding the common WiFi problems of limited range, inconsistent reliability, and exposure to hackers. ETwater runs at a better than 98% connectivity rate.

How does ETwater help generate additional revenue for landscape and lawn care companies?

ETwater has a unique product called the HermitCrab controller that retrofits most “clocks” made by the major controller companies to do weather-based irrigation, with all the advantages of our system. Can you imagine having a dozen different models of lawnmowers and effectively training your landscape team how to use each? With a HermitCrab plugged in the landscape maintenance staff have a single interface to manage many different makes of controllers across multiple sites, which means being able to add more clients effectively. Our partners tell us they’ve seen 30% plus growth in new accounts and service enhancements for existing customers, as well as reduction of warranty for mismanaged landscape from 5% to less than 1%.

Does JAIN have sales and marketing material to help partners?

We supply partners with a variety of white label materials on ETwater and our other landscape products for their sales and marketing efforts. ETwater also produces for white papers, success stories and press releases for partner promotion.


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