Drip Irrigation Manufacturing: Extrusion Coast to Coast

JAIN Irrigation has 3 different distribution and drip irrigation manufacturing facilities in the US, our largest and most diverse is located in Fresno, California. Fresno not only works as a central distribution facility for our west coast customers but also as a manufacturing facility making millions of feet of virgin resin tape and tubing each year.

Drip Irrigation Manufacturing

Before hot tubing can be coiled it must first be cooled, shown here is tubing running through cool water. to keep the tubing from melting together once coiled.

Drip Irrigation Manufacturing

Manufacturing tubing is a very linear process, plastic pellets are compressed at one end, emitters are introduced and cooled tubing is coiled.

We have our fascinating Watertown New York facility. Once an ammunitions facility and then a film processing plant, the Watertown facility now and has for over 25 years been the home to Chapin Tape

Drip Irrigation Manufacturing

Drip Irrigation Manufacturing

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Chapin Tape was founded directly across the river over 40 years ago and tape has been made at this facility with some of the same innovative equipment since day one.


The Watertown facility shares some of the Black River waterfronts with the local power company’s hydro dam.


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