Favorite Digital Smart Irrigation Month Posts

Generally, as the number of site visits to your website increases, so do sales. Technology helps us better manage water, so as the number of people using digital for smart irrigation month promotion increases, so will the amount of water savings. This year I was incredibly excited about how imaginative people were about social media and Smart Irrigation Month.

I could only imagine Family Fun Month and Smart Irrigation Month in the same ad in my wildest dreams. However, Upper Trinity Water created this tweet which has to be one of the best tweets ever. The retro design mixed with high tech helps make this so great. I also really appreciate one of the benefits of smart controllers pointed out so well.

I am a sucker for animals and love it when they are incorporated into social media.

Sometimes simple and direct work. The Honolulu Board of Water Supply gets drip irrigation right in a tweet.

Kids rank right up there with animals.

Love it when people show in everyday terms how much they saved.

How’d they do that video?

Dr. Dukes and a video. It’s hard to beat. Thanks, University of Florida.

Even more technology for water savings.

Pretty sure the water gnome received the most re-tweets of any post.

Also, the meditation in the cloud here.


The team at Moleaer put the smart in smart irrigation.

I am sure I missed a few great promotions. If you like one I missed, please alert us to the message in the comment section below. Each year the content gets better. I do miss the outstanding contributions in the past from Denver Water. I am already looking forward to next year’s smart irrigation month messages and more significant water savings.


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