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Growing Strawberries: Try These Water Management Tips

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It’s almost summer which means people all over America are looking forward to eating and growing strawberries.  Strawberries will be enjoyed in every state in America, and 80% of those strawberries will be grown in California.  California grows many times more strawberries per acre than any other state in the Union. One of the reasons why California’s production of strawberries is so high is excellent water management.

George and Henry Ito are 3rd generation strawberry growers in the Oxnard, CA area – a perfect climate to grow strawberries year-round. In the midst of a several-year drought, these growers are finding ways to stay competitive and grow more berries with less water using water-saving-technologies such as drip irrigation and the Mini Revolver sprinklerA sprinkler recently developed by Jain Irrigation.

According to Ito, this sprinkler provides the much-needed field uniformity and water savings needed to grow a uniform crop. When it comes to water savings, George estimates approximately 55% of water usage compared to a conventional sprinkler.  They are also seeing a reduction in electrical and diesel consumption.

Check out the video on how the Ito’s are using latest irrigation technology to stay ahead of the curve, and find solutions to carry on their legacy of being a premier berry grower, while addressing the ongoing water challenges in California.


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