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Here Are 7 of The Week’s Best Photos (01/16/20)


Onion: Drip irrigated onions from last season grown with Chapin Deluxe drip tape.

Malad Gorge

Malad Gorge: The perfect sunset overlooking the Malad River in Idaho.


Grapes: A few fields with grapes still on the vine in Washington State.


Carrots: A great looking carrot crop in the Bakersfield area.  There is interest among the industry to experiment with drip irrigation.


Blueberry: A harvested blueberry crop that is commonly grown with drip irrigation to precisely deliver water and nutrients to the crop.


Apple: Some of the last apples in Washington State as apple harvest has come to an end for the season.


Almonds: A post-season almond field of double line drip irrigation.


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