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Here Are 7 of The Week’s Best Photos (01/23/20)

Cotton Flood

Cotton Flood: Pre-irrigation on a future cotton field.  The ground is flooded to increase soil moisture content and help decrease salinity in the soil to help create a more conducive environment for plants during production.


Bonfires: The annual bonfires on the levees stretches for nearly 90 miles along the New Orleans, Mississippi River.

Quality Control

Quality Control: Quality control inspectors make sure every component is perfect for their medical devices at Andercraft Manufacturing.

Lakeside, California

Lakeside, California: Lakeside, California sits in a river valley surrounded by what is called the Yosemite of Southern California.

San Diego

San Diego: 55 degree water can’t keep weekend warriors from tearing up Pipes Beach in San Diego, California.


Lion: A large male lion looks on as spectators marvel at the NOLA Zoo.


Baboons: Baboons and baby baboons are as curious with humans as we are to them.


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