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Here Are 7 of The Week’s Best Photos (03/11/20)


Pressure: Checking pressure in different areas of an irrigation system is important to maintain the uniformity and viability of the system long-term.  Changes in pressure signal different types of potential issues.


Alfalfa: Alfalfa irrigated using sub-surface drip irrigation (SDI).  Spring alfalfa cuttings are usually very green and have high nutrient contents and will be blended with other grasses to make them digestible to livestock.

Fresno Lettuce

Fresno Lettuce: Lettuce grown with drip irrigation in western Fresno County.


Bloom: Almonds finishing up bloom.  This process comes and goes quickly as each variety may only spend 1 week in bloom as bees pollinate the trees.

Irrigation System Installation

Irrigation System Installation: Checking a new irrigation system installation near Fresno, California during the sunrise.  This field will be planted with blueberries later in the week.


Monterey: Pacific ocean in Monterey, California during the sunrise.

Winter wheat

Winter wheat: Winter wheat growing well after recent rains and warm temperatures.  This will be chopped green and used at cattle feed. Wheat is an excellent rotation crop as it helps open up the soil with its root system and allows for increased water infiltration for the next crop.


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