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Here Are 7 of The Week’s Best Photos (03/26/20)

Jain Unity

Jain Unity: JAIN Unity water management software is now available for all ETwater controllers, here the interface is used on site with an iPad.

Point Source Emitters

Point Source Emitters: JAIN Supply Tubing is installed with Click-Tif point source emitters, ideal design for maximum water savings.


Spring: A Western Red Bud tree blossoms on a site in San Diego letting us know Spring is here.

San Clemente

San Clemente: The tracks are a little empty with lockdown in effect – San Clemente, CA.

Calafia State Park

Calafia State Park: Pink Hibiscus blossom at Calafia State Park in Southern California.


Vegas: With sidewalks still packed a couple weeks ago in Vegas, NV has finally opted to shut down their popular nightlife.


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