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Here Are 7 of The Week’s Best Photos (04/23/20)

Australian Sheep Dogs

Australian Sheep Dogs: Kelpies enjoying the puddles left behind after recent rainfall. Australia’s farming communities have been rejuvenated after widespread rainfall.

Kelpie enjoying the shade

Kelpie enjoying the shade: Jain C3 tank level monitoring system utilizing the power of the sun, while a kelpie shelters in the shade.

Farmer assessing the field

Farmer assessing the field: Australian farmer looks out over his field containing recently cut and baled hay.

Travelling Irrigator

Travelling Irrigator: Farmer discussing the benefits of his newly installed Jain Irrigation monitoring and control system.

Jain C3

Jain C3: Jain Logic, soil moisture monitoring solution installed in a vineyard, allowing the farmer to gain better insights into what’s going on below the surface.

Jain Monitoring and Control Field Demo

Jain Monitoring and Control Field Demo: Jain Logic field demonstration day, giving farmers experience and confidence in a system that offers them agronomic insights.

Jain Monitoring System

Jain Monitoring System: Jain monitoring system’s C3  with Australia’s capital, Canberra in the background.


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