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Here Are 7 of The Week’s Best Photos (05/07/20)

Sweet Corn Drip Tape

Sweet Corn Drip Tape: Jain Irrigation Turbo Tape irrigating two rows of sweet corn in western Fresno county.  Old sweet corn growers used to judge the crop by the statement “knee high by the 4th of July”.  Safe to say this crop is doing very well.

Pistachio Drip

Pistachio Drip: Double-line PC drip irrigation on 4th leaf pistachio trees.  Utilizing Jain Irrigation products with pressure compensation allows for maximum uniformity across fields. This truly allows us to achieve More Crop Per Drop.

Pepper Man

Pepper Man: The best thing you can see in your field is your shadow.  Checking on the first irrigation of a pepper crop after establishment with sprinklers.  Drip irrigation allows for reduced labor and increased water efficiency for the remainder of the season.

Pepper Transplant

Pepper Transplant: Freshly planted pepper plants in near Fresno, CA.  These peppers will be grown for use in frozen and quick-meal solutions for customers all across the country.

Onion Seed

Onion Seed: Onion seed production in Madera, CA.  These seed bulbs will be hand-harvested using a knife to cut them off, placed in a sack and removed from the field for conditioning.

Garlic Westside

Garlic Westside: Garlic grown near Five Points, CA in western Fresno county.  This garlic will be harvested in several months and taken in to be processed into spices and other value-added products. Drip tape is used to irrigate the garlic after establishment with sprinklers.

Amnon White

Amnon White: Newly installed Amnon PC emitterline running a 24 hour pre-irrigation before planting almonds near Kerman, CA.


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