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Here Are 7 of The Week’s Best Photos (05/01/20)

Outdoor Landscape

Outdoor Landscape: Walkways are getting their fair share of traffic with lockdown ordinances in place throughout the country.


Sunrise: Ice plant opens and closes to the rising and setting sun.

River Level

River Level: The combination of snow melt and rains have led to incredibly high river levels like this one in Kern, California.

Mudslides in Encinitas

Mudslides in Encinitas: Substantial rains in the past few weeks have caused mudslides throughout Southern California. This small slide in Encinitas, California took out multiple tennis courts.

Beaches during COVID-19

Beaches during COVID-19: The beaches are open! The beaches are closed again…the sun sets over a closed Southern California beach and railway.

Vintage Landscape

Vintage Landscape: An old car deteriorates alongside a road outside of Boone, North Carolina.


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