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How COVID-19 Impacts The Landscape Industry

How Landscape Contractors Are Dealing With Covid19

Landscape services are considered essential services in most of the U.S., but COVID-19 is still impacting the landscape industry in many ways. I recently sat down with Brian Horn, Editor of Lawn and Landscape magazine, and Chris Sabbarese, Digital Marketing and Communications Manager for Corona Tools to discuss the impacts. Below are a few of the key findings:

1. Landscape contractors are reporting weekly improvements for their business. Contractors’ initially reported business was down about 30% and now report business improves each week.
2. Landscape Architects report little to no slow down six months to a year out.
3. Landscape contractors are offering services to battle COVID -19 to their customers.

Lawn and Landscape surveyed contractors across the United States to learn about the impact while Chris and I discussed the implications with leaders in the industry. You can get all the details of the surveys in the video interview above or listen to the podcast here.

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  • Geoff ,

    what are the biggest examples of COVID 19 impacting the landscaping industry? from supplies to task performance

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