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How To Evaluate A Landscape Irrigation System

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Evaluating a landscape irrigation system can be overwhelming, and putting a priority on water management sets companies apart. It would be best if you had a plan for finding a point of connection, checking a meter, locating controllers, valves, and developing retrofit opportunities. It’s a lot for most contractors to handle, and the information below will give you a good start.

Start With A Checklist For The Landscape Irrigation System

A checklist needs some necessary information about the landscape irrigation system and can evolve into something more useful in the future. Here are some of the basics I would have on a list when evaluating a new job:

  1. Are there non-functional turf areas?
  2. Are there steep slopes with high runoff?
  3. What areas are good candidates for spray to drip conversions?
  4. Are the current plants best for the property, or could they be switched for lower water plants while improving the aesthetic?
  5. Is there a smart controller installed?
  6. Is the overall system pressure too high?
  7. Should a water audit be performed?

Landscape Irrigation System

The checklist for the landscape irrigation system will help you identify opportunities for improvement and ways to reduce water bills. From this information, you should create a water management program that keeps water management at the front of your team’s mind. Some of the items you want to use are below:

  1. Monthly wet checks.
  2. Propose an action plan for savings for the customer.
  3. Develop a water budget.
  4. Measure the budget monthly and report to the customer. This is easy to do with a smart controller.
  5. Propose changes with a return on investment calculation.

This is a good start for most contractors. Good water management sets you apart from your competitors and allows you to save customers money and generate higher revenues for contractors. You can learn more about this process in the webinar below:

Please let us know what other processes you are using in the comment section.


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