How To Track The Cost Of Water For Your Landscape

Almost everyone will be green and sustainable if it saves them money. Only a few people will give something up or spend more for the common good of society. It is time to embrace the cost savings of water management to motivate people to save, but knowing how much they’re spending on their water is challenging.

For many commercial buildings, HOAs and homeowners learn the cost of water months after the water is used. If you want to learn more about the complications of water bills, you can read, My Complete Guide to Understanding Your Water Bill here. Thanks to Jain Unity software, this has changed. Jain Unity now tracks the cost of water for landscaping, converts water units to dollars, and conveniently displays it on your software dashboard, making tracking the cost of water easy and efficient.

Unity Water Cost summary

Jain Unity displays in both total aggregate summary and detailed views the cost of water for irrigation usage by total coverage area, per irrigation controller, or individual plant type station/zone. Measurement is based on either a flow sensor connected to the irrigation controller or custom-entered gallons per minute (GPM) for water running through the system, which will include any usage outside of Unity’s automated scheduling, such as immediate, customer-initiated irrigation or water waste coming from line breaks and leaks. Water cost is calculated upon entry of rate information from the water bill in the most found formats of fixed-rate regular recurring, tiered, or seasonal tiered utility pricing models.

Unity continuously monitors the moisture state in plant root zones to determine precision scheduling for when and how much irrigation needs to be applied while adjusting hourly for changes in the weather. In addition, it incorporates AI and predictive modeling of future environmental changes, such as forecast rainfall, to reduce the running of an irrigation system whenever possible while sustaining plant health quality. For more information, visit

Who Benefits From This Information

The first answer is we all do as more water managers switch to Jain Unity to manage water better. Having easy access to water costs will motivate them to save water, and we all benefit from water savings. However, it gets much better for individual users. For example, a large HOA spending hundreds of thousands of dollars on water for its landscape needs easy access to water use for its board members or property manager. They see the bills when they come in. Usually, months after the water is used. Long past the time to make any changes. This inhibits their ability to manage one of the highest costs of the HOA’s budget. Today with Jain Unity, they can observe daily how much water is used in the landscape and, more importantly, how much it costs.

Think about property owners or building managers making decisions about changes in their landscapes. With easy access to the amount they are spending on water for turf areas or flower beds, they make better decisions for changes in the landscape. The cost justification will be there or not depending on the situation, and for a change, they will have up-to-date water cost information to support their decisions.

You can’t manage what you don’t measure is a term known for years, particularly on point for water managers. However, water managers, homeowners, and building managers can make better decisions about water use now that this information is at their fingertips.



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