Increase Water Savings, Uniformity, And Quality With Jain Drip Tape

Don Cameron, owner, Terranova Ranch, Inc., started farming in 1981. He quickly realized how important water was and how he needed to be careful with any water used.  Every year he installs about 3500 acres of subsurface drip tape. What he gets in return is better uniformity, better quality, and water savings. 

To Don, that’s key. He wants to get as much production as he can from every drop of water he has. More crop per drop. Don and his team spend time researching companies that produce the products they use. They look for companies to stand behind the products they manufacture. He is happy working with JAIN. Don says, “Your ease of growing just changes overnight when you switch over to subsurface drip tape.”

Here are the drip tapes offered by Jain Irrigation:


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