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Jain Irrigation In The News

Extrusion Coast to Coast

Jain’s recent acquisitions in technology are transforming irrigation food and ecological systems garnering attention in the news. Below are three of my favorite articles from the past few months.


Anil Jain, Vice Chairman and managing director of Jain Irrigation Systems Ltd, shares his perspective on present water challenges and the market based innovations providing solutions. Read More

This article discusses how Jain’s cloud-based system automatically controls watering schedules according to plant types, microclimate, weather forecasts, and other data inputs and how that makes farmers smarter. Read More

IA Aric 1

Aric Olson, President, Jain Irrigation, Inc. discusses his recent acquisition of ETWater, a weather data analytics and sprinkler control company using machine learning to measure the evapotranspiration rate of grass. He also shares information on the acquisitions Jain USA has made to date, the technologies he’s interested in, and where some agtech startups might be struggling. Read More


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