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Jain Irrigation, Inc – Video Award Winner 2020

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The 2020 Jain Irrigation, Inc.’s Video Award Winner is Hugo Schmal. Hugo submitted this video of Cotton being grown in Chihuahua, Mexico using Mobile Drip Irrigation.

The music for the video was produced and played by Hugo’s son. His son’s name is Isaac Schmal and Isaac composed the music for the video.

Hugo told us with the limited water supply in the area, he was impressed with how efficiently they can apply water through the drip system. “The cotton crop looks excellent, and they are glad they invested in the technology.”

He also made it clear he is optimistic about the future. “We know good filtration and the right irrigation timing with a season of learning helps irrigate the ground and avoid drift and evaporation typical with our overhead sprinkler irrigation. He also expressed a big difference in fertilizer efficiency which lead to reduced costs as well. “We expect to see better water-use-efficiency, which leads to bigger yields.”

You can learn more about Mobile Drip Irrigation by reading one of our blog articles and video training here.

You can see what Hugo has to say below. 

Congratulations to Hugo, and thank you to all the participants of this year’s video competition.



  • Tom Carroll ,

    What a great video and the music by his son is spectacular as well. I too live in Mexico and am overjoyed to see the cooperation and sharing of useful technologies to benefit us all.
    Thank you

  • Richard+Restuccia ,

    Thanks for the nice comments, Tom. I agree it is great to see so many people working together (internationally in this case) to provide more crop per drop. These are the situations that get me excited to go to work every day. We are fortunate to work in an industry working so hard to save water, labor, and increase yields.

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