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Jain Irrigation, Water Management Solutions For Long Term Problems

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Watch Ranch Manager Austin Hubbell from Marthedal Enterprises, Inc. explain how Jain Irrigation provides solutions for their long-term water management problems.

“As a grower, when we plant a field, we want to install an irrigation system one time. We want to have a product that will last the life of the orchard or vineyard.  The fact that Jain provides products with high-quality resin and a 12-year warranty, we feel confident when we plant this orchard, the Jain tubing and sprinklers will be in this field for the rest of its life.”

“Sprinklers provide the flexibility we don’t normally get in sandy soils with double line drip. We almost mimic the flood irrigation aspect  of 100 percent coverage but with the precision of a pressure compensating sprinkler.”

We can all learn from Austin’s experience and dedication to sustainability. “By applying only the water, we need to apply we are farming at a high level of efficiency, allowing us to save money and resources. With the advent of products Jain offers, we are finding solutions to our long-term problems.”


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