Jain Logic’s Soil Moisture Monitoring Helps Grower Successfully Reduce Water Costs

Key Stats:

  • Grower: John Russell – Warren Ag Inc.
  • Location: Kern County, Kings County and Tulare County
  • Crop: Almonds and Pistachios

Jain Logic farm water management software makes managing water easier by soil moisture monitoring. Grower’s access detailed information about their fields on any web-enabled device with just a few simple clicks or swipes. The main aim of the software is to help farmers optimize water consumption, reduce costs, improve productivity and give them the capability to monitor and control farm operations from any internet connected devices.

According to almond and pistachio supervisor John Russell, the benefits of using Jain Logic are numerous. Russell has worked in agriculture for 18 years. He says, “Jain Logic helps me monitor what happens in the ground at all times.” Russell has been using Jain Logic products for the past eight years. He currently oversees 100+ Jain Logic sites for Warren Ag Services Inc. and is looking to add additional locations very soon.

Some of Jain Logic’s capabilities are soil moisture monitoring, irrigation scheduling, and data management. A core component, soil moisture monitoring, is used to give growers a window on what is taking place beneath the soil line. It provides growers a sense of security, knowing their crops have the water they require.  Another essential feature of Jain Logic is the reliability and accuracy of the collected data. Jain Logic allows the grower to access all data, download and print detailed reports, and analyze what was drawn from the field all from the comfort of a computer or mobile device.

More Freedom With Jain Logic’s Soil Moisture Monitoring

Jain Logic allows Russell more freedom without worrying about his soil moisture monitoring settings. Russell says, “it is straightforward to tend to my ranches. I enjoy not having to drive to every site to check on settings and irrigated levels, especially when they are 150 miles apart.” John Russell oversees 15,000 acres of permanent crop commodities such as almonds and pistachios for Warren Ag. Jain Logic is precise and accurate in the formulation of its data reporting.

Save Money On Water & Labor Costs and Time

Jain Logic allows you to handle more than usual. Russell says, “Jain Logic is another great tool in the toolbox”. It continuously allows Russell to save money and time. He says, “water is expensive. I love knowing that I can irrigate to the root zone and not dump or waste any water. I also can make sure that my expensive fertilizer is going to the root zone.”

Soil Moisture Monitoring

Precision Irrigation: Soil Moisture Monitoring

Russell says, “on some ranches, we can see where we have been under irrigating, and with Jain Logic, we can now monitor our soil profiles and prevent low irrigating levels from taking place.” This program has been a breath of fresh air for Warren Ag. Jain Logic always allows me to know the soil moisture setting without having to check up on it physically. Russell says, “all my soil profile information is found at my fingertips.” 

Russell is on the 3-year subscription with Jain Logic and is looking forward to upgrading to automation and control soon. This benefits in cost savings, time savings, and improved tree health. Yield is not known quite yet; however, Russell states, “seeing the health of my trees after using Jain Logic has been a major gain for me.”

Russell plans to grow with Jain Logic for the years to come. He is excited about what the farming future will hold for him when he moves towards automation and control. Russell says, “getting on board with Jain Logic has been a great change for Warren Ag. I recommend Jain Logic to people every day; it’s a great tool to have”. After being a Jain Logic user for eight years, it still brings a sense of peace and easement into his life.

Jain Logic: Soil Moisture Monitoring Dashboard

The “Must Know” Factors For Soil Moisture Monitoring:

  • Jain Logic is a cost saver and time saver
  • Russell has seen the health of trees increase, which he considers “major gains.”
  • Jain Logic offers the grower peace of mind when being away from the farm
  • Jain Logic is “another great tool in the toolbox.”

If you would like a demo of Jain Logic specific to your ranch, please contact us here.

We would appreciate the opportunity to show you how technology can lower your costs and increase yields.


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