Jain Logic: The Premier Irrigation AgTech Solution

Jain Irrigation invested over $100 million into AgTech and is committed to using technology to solve food and water shortages. Jain Logic is the only smart system to integrate inputs from satellite imagery, weather forecast, and soil moisture information to make irrigation decisions using machine learning and artificial intelligence.   Jain has over 25,000 customers using this technology, and this is just a start.

Recently Jain Irrigation Inc. President, Aric Olson demonstrated Jain Logic software for the Irrigation Association‘s Ag Irrigation Summit.  You can watch this demonstration in the video below, and in this 12-minute video, you will see:

  1. Soil moisture maps of actual farm fields
  2. Satellite images of ETc for a specific field
  3. A satellite vigor map for specific crops
  4. A vigor change map over one month
  5. A field change map week to week
  6. A soil moisture view of a field showing water penetration into the soil
  7. A real-time demo of how growers can use the technology to grow more crop per drop
  8. How you can also monitor wells and pumps
  9. How you use this software to report water use easily

If you would like a demo of Jain Logic specific to your ranch, please contact us here.

We would appreciate the opportunity to show you how technology can lower your costs and increase yields.


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