Jain Unity: Top 3 Smart Landscape Water Management Features

Jain Unity software brings superior weather-based irrigation control for smart landscape water management, with the power of artificial intelligence and predictive analytics, to make it the smartest controller software available today. The software provides users with historical and forecast weather data. 

It also provides graphs showing temperature, rain, wind, and cloud coverage. It gives weekly notifications for evapotranspiration loss for your landscape and monthly notifications comparing irrigation use for the past 30 days compared to the same period last year. All these features help users become the best water managers they can be for landscape water management. Unity has so much to offer proactive water managers, and the following are my three favorite features.

Weather Data In Jain Unity

Weather impacts our landscapes and businesses every day. Easy access to accurate and detailed weather data makes an impact on our success. Below is a weekly weather chart of temperatures in San Diego, California, for one week in June.  

Temperature: Landscape Water Management

During these 7 days, temperatures ranged from a low of 66 degrees to a high of 86 degrees, then back down to 66 degrees. I’m sure glad I had a smart controller this week, making adjustments based on ET and predictive analytics. Because the controller was making daily adjustments, lots of water was saved this week, and the landscape was much healthier. To make things more interesting for the week, there was also rain in the weather mix. Thanks to the rainfall/probability chart, I could see when I should be scheduling my crews and when I should be doing any new plantings. 

Rainfall: Landscape Water Management

After examining the wind range forecast, I saw this was going to be a tough week on the landscape.  It was going to get hot and very windy after a little rain, a tough combination for your landscape.

Wind Range: Landscape Water Management

I also saw the wind was going to blow any clouds out of the area.

Picture4 large

Thanks to the weather feature in Jain Unity software, it was easier to manage water, plants, and people because I knew what to expect from the weather, this is an important factor for landscape water management.

Here is a great video showing the value of the weather data.

Moisture Balance In Jain Unity

Another important factor is landscape water management, that is often overlooked is Moisture Balance and Jain Unity supports this particular feature. When soil is wet, water is relatively free to move and is easily extracted from the soil by plants. As soil drys, it bonds more with the ground, and uptake by plants is much more difficult. 

Ultimately we want to fill the soil with just the right amount of water, so no runoff occurs and lets the water deplete from the soil, and when it hits a predetermined point, water again. In this case, 50% depletion is the calculated point.  I quickly see the water bucket percentages on this easily generated chart in Jain Unity of all the zones on this property. This is a quick look at the moisture balance for the entire controller. My first look shows everything is in pretty good shape water-wise.

Moisture Balance: Landscape Water Management

This next view is moisture balance for an individual zone.

Picture8 large

This is an excellent window to my landscape and water. First notice in the top chart Irrigation, ETc is represented users receive data specific to the plants they are growing. The rose-colored section shows regular ETc for the time of year, and the line graph shows real-time ETc calculated hourly. It is easy to see if ETc is going to be advancing or declining and if it is going to be abnormally high or low. 

You quickly see the watering days past and future. In the bottom chart, you know the water bucket inches declining to the trigger points and the irrigation running. In some cases, water windows might not allow a complete refill of a water bucket, so water might run two days in a row (we see this on Sat and Sun.)

Here is an excellent video on Moisture Balance in Jain Unity.

Establishment Schedules For Smarter Landscape Water Mangement

Growing food in your gardens now makes establishment schedules more critical than ever. By staggering planting times of vegetables, you provide a more extended period to enjoy your veggies. All your vegetables won’t be ready for harvest at the same time. To do this effectively, you need to pay attention to your irrigation because newly planted zones require more watering than established zones.  Below is a screenshot of the establishment schedule.

Picture8 1 large

As you can see, you can select one zone or all zones. You have multiple start times and multiple run times. Best of all, there is the opportunity to create an end date for the establishment schedule and have the schedule automatically change to a scientific water schedule using evapotranspiration and predictive analytics. This way, you won’t have to remember to go back and reprogram your controller when the establishment period is completed. Too often, gardeners forget to go back and change their schedule, which results in wasted water and over watered veggies that taste watery.

New and experienced water managers love the new features of Jain Unity. They are intuitive and straightforward to learn, and the benefits of saving water and improved plant health are easily achieved. If you’d like to see a demonstration of the software, please fill out the form below and we will contact you to show you just how easy it is to save water and improve the health of your landscape.

Combine Jain Unity with a Water-Sense EPA Certified controller like this one, to get all the benefits of smart landscape water management.

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