Jain’s Roots Formed As Independent Dealer

Jain Irrigation Dealer Locator
Jain Irrigation Dealer Locator

In 1963 the founder of Jain Irrigation Systems, Bhavarlal Jain was selling kerosene from a pushcart in India and with the equivalent of $109 U.S. dollars founded a family business in trading. The $109 was money saved from three generations. Inspired by the quote, “Agriculture: a profession with future” Chairman Jain added a dealership of sprinkler systems, tractors, seeds and fertilizer. He was one of the original independent dealers.

He stumbled into his niche when he saw a drip irrigation system in 1985 at an agricultural trade show in Fresno, California and decided to start producing drip irrigation in India. He focused on helping small farmers, building the business by improving the livelihood of 5 million small farmers in India and many more around the world. In 2015 Jain Irrigation Systems was listed number seven on Fortune’s list of companies who were changing the world. Companies do well by doing good. Jain Irrigation contributed in helping small farmers use the latest irrigation techniques like drip irrigation, sprinkler irrigation and use of solar pumps for irrigation; thus saving water, increasing yields and improving their earnings.

Jain Irrigation expanded to the United States in 2005 and partnered with independent dealers across the nation to deliver drip irrigation and Ag-tech solutions to growers. Creating an outstanding distribution organization requires a significant investment by both the company and dealers. Jain’s roots in distribution helped these partnerships grow fairly and rapidly. Here is one of our many positive partnership stories from independent Jain dealers across the United States. This is from Jake Kahn, Owner of Bi-County Irrigation, Inc. a Jain Irrigation independent dealer for seven years.

“I have enjoyed working with Jain Irrigation since I’ve been at Bi-County. They helped make the transition from employee to owner of the business a smooth and simple process. They provide a level of support and customer service to me and my employee’s that make it a great working relationship.

I’ve been able to grow my business over the past 7 years and Jain Irrigation has been involved every step of the way. They show a genuine interest in the success of both my business and employee’s, and make the extra effort to ensure my customers are happy with their purchases.

Jain Irrigation has demonstrated many times that they care about the success of our business. Even with everyone’s busy schedules, my Jain representative will go the extra mile every time to make sure we feel supported in this competitive market.

The friendly customer service I always receive is the reason I do business with Jain Irrigation. They treat us more like a family than a customer. Growing a business is a difficult process and Jain has been a patient and understanding supplier as we are faced with challenges of any small business. I could not envision myself growing at this pace without the support of Jain Irrigation.”

Changes at Jain Irrigation

Our recent changes at Jain Irrigation place more focus on drip irrigation in California. This means growers will visit dealers all over California requesting information about drip irrigation. This will increase demand for drip products in California, a state whose agriculture is critical to the success of the United States. A State where the supply of water is more critical than every before. This is an opportunity for dealers and growers in California to deliver more crop per drop.

Today with over 10,000 committed employees worldwide, we have established leadership in micro and sprinkler irrigation as well as agricultural technology. Anil Jain, Managing Director at Jain Irrigation Systems says it so well, “Climate change is here and it’s going to be disastrous especially for the agricultural community. Essentially what is important is helping productivity on small farms and helping to save precious natural resources like water and energy. While we do this we try to ensure those using our agtech whether small farmer or large farmer will grow their income and their productivity increases too.” We believe the changes we made will help growers and independent dealer to produce more with less. At Jain our commitment to helping independent dealers is stronger than ever. We will never forget our roots were formed as an independent dealer and will continue to support all dealers like we support Bi-County Irrigation, Inc.

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