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Meet The Team: Rhonda Boomer

Rhonda b

Have you ever wondered who is answering your customer service calls at Jain Irrigation? This is “Meet The Team” – a series that’ll get you up close and personal with those who work inside the walls of 2851 E Florence Ave.

Here at Jain we developed six questions scientifically designed to give you a well rounded view of our team and also suggest profound insights about these people’s personalities as a whole (we actually have no science for that, but we stand by it).

1. What is your job at Jain?

My job at Jain is  Customer Service Representative. My territory in the Pacific Northwest and some of the San Joaquin Valley. I help our customers with their orders and I send them quotes. If they have any questions or concerns I will help them. I also support my Territory Sales Manager with anything they would need to make customers happy.

2. What are some of your hobbies away from work?

I love being with my family and having BBQ’s on Sunday watching NFL. GO COWBOY’S! I also like to read for relaxation.

3. Penthouse or country cottage?

Country Cottage. I love nature and to listen to the animals and go for walks.

4. First concert?

My first concert was Foghat here in Fresno California. Wow was that an experience.

5. If you could eat only one food for the rest of your life what would it be?

I would eat spaghetti! I just LOVE it. It may have to do with me being Italian.

6. Why do you love your job at Jain?

I love my job because I like working with people and making them happy. I love solving problems and working it out to everybody’s satisfaction. Jain is a wonderful company to work for and my co-workers are great. We make an awesome team.


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